Manifesto for the creation of an International Panel on Behavioral Change or “IPBC”

This Manifesto calls for the rapid establishment of an IPBC and/or any other comparable international instance, possibly supported by UN (but independent from the governments). Such an organization would be in line with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Its purpose would be to bring together the best specialists in the relevant domains to propose concrete measures for civil society to facilitate behavioral change for more sustainable, equitable, and desirable development.

Human behavior is now clearly identified as the “g” factor of the destruction of our ecosystem and in many areas that go far beyond our relationship to ecology. This manifesto is primarily intended for researchers and experts (and more broadly to professionals) in areas related to human behavior, namely: psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, pedagogy, cognitive sciences in a broad sense, neuro-economics, sociology, ethology, economy, etc.

The IPBC would have an ambitious and urgent mission, commensurate with the necessary and urgent global change in individual and collective behavior in the face of global warming and the reduction of biodiversity. The periodic release of deliverables will make a comprehensible and transdisciplinary synthesis of knowledge and provide strategies, measurement tools, and methods or “toolkits” intended for public authorities, all citizens and other stakeholders. In this context, the study of behavioural change is not limited to individuals. The initiative should IPBC recognise all levels influencing behaviours and their contexts, including environmental. Indeed, individuals act as a biological, neuropsychological and social entity, within and in complex interactions with a territory, a culture, a society, as well as institutions and political and economic and philosophical systems. Then, we encourage a plurality of thinking, approaches and sciences to behaviours and behavioural changes.

Your signature of this Manifesto for the creation of an IPBC, while a responsible and citizen action, is not a commitment. However, we actively invite you to make it widely known among your colleagues and institutions, all over the world. By encouraging them to sign it, you will facilitate the process with international and national institutions.

First of all, this manifesto is a call to researchers, experts, and behavior professionals, who did not communicate in a specific way on this subject yet, but whose expertise would undoubtedly be essential to solving the current equation of a rapid and massive change in behavior towards a truly more sustainable, desirable, and humane society.

By advance, our organizing committee thanks you very much for your commitment on this crucial topic.

Dr Jacques Fradin, Pr Philippe Van Den Bosch, Dr Camille Lefrançois, Dr Didier Naud, Dr Stéphane La Branche, Pr Alain Berthoz & Dr Patrick Légeron.





    Last update: 11 June 2020

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